Ceramic Welding Technology

Ceramic Welding was developed approximately 30 years ago. It is a proven method for hot repairs of industrial furnaces under operating temperatures. A mixture of ceramic and metallic particles is projected with oxygen onto the hot refractory ceramic surface and melts on impact both the projected powder, as well as the surface, thus creating a bond, equivalent to metallic welding.

The Ceramic Welding method allows furnace repairs without having to cool down the surface. In fact, the battery can keep on producing while an individual oven is repaired. In contrast to a gunning repair, Ceramic Welding provides long lasting repair results, which are measured in years not months.

Beroa NovoCOS provides this technology for Coke Oven batteries. Beroa NovoCOS uses state of the art equipment which is audited and certified for technical functionality and safety by TÜV inspection.

Our technology and variable length lances enable us to complete Ceramic Welding repairs as deep as the centre of the Coke Oven if necessary.

Beroa NovoCOS works to the highest standards of Health & Safety, meeting or exceeding all requirements relating to working practices.

Beroa NovoCOS is part
of the BEROA group