Glass Furnace Repairs

Extend the lifetime of your glass-furnace by using Beroa NovoCOS technologies and services.

Our services: supply of premium quality by using Beroa NovoCOS

  • ceramic-welding
  • external hot-repair, sealing by ceramic welding
  • refractory cutting by use of water-cooled chain-saw
  • regenerator-cleaning
  • placing anchors for refractory stabilization
  • bottom-driling

and other services

Beroa NovoCOS offers CERAMIC-WELDING as the main repairing technology for the superstructure of glass furnaces and is principally used for areas, such as:

  • dog-house supports and arches
  • port-necks
  • backwall-crowns
  • tuckstones
  • melter-crown, skew lines and breast-walls
  • melter and regenerator arches

Beroa NovoCOS uses ceramic-welding-materials, similar to the refractory material of the area to be repaired.

Other repairing areas: beside the superstructure of the glass furnace, the service-package of Beroa NovoCOS includes also technologies foreseen for services at other areas, e.g. for the bottom.

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Customer benefit: The services will be executed through highly qualified, skilled and experienced technicians. Our customers benefit from our offer because of the following characteristics :

  • long-term solutions
  • maximum economic advantages
  • emergency support
  • absolute professional job-execution
  • minimum of downtime and production losses
Beroa NovoCOS is part
of the BEROA group